Flag of Gambella Region

The Gambella Region of Ethiopia is located in the western area of the country and borders Sudan to the west and South Sudan to the south. This region, which covers an area of 17,993 sq km (or 6,943 mi2), is home to a population of around 690,000 people with around 80% belonging to the Anywaa ethnic group. The regional capital is Gambella Putu and other major towns include Itang and Maji. The climate in Gambella Region is extreme due to its location by two rivers, Baro and Akobo. During the summer months temperatures can reach 40°C (104°F), whilst winters are much cooler at night but still warm during day light hours. Rainfall totals between81-150mm (3-6in) annually, with seasonal flooding becoming severe when levels exceed 250mm (9in). Agriculture plays an important part in the economy of this region as it contributes significantly to local livelihoods. Itang market serves as a commercial hub for trading beans, corn and other crops grown locally. Often surplus food items such as honey, pulses or frying oil are turned into revenue generators within Ethiopia’s markets by being sold or exchanged beyond the region’s borders in Sudan or South Sudan. Livestock herding also remains an important source of income for villagers engaging in pastoral activities such as butter production and brick firing clay products using animal dung. The sovereign State has seen some encouraging signs of economic development recently thanks to construction projects financed by Ethiopian Government which aim to improve economically through infrastructural development including key investments such as bridges across rivers enabling access across landlocked terrain as well as transportation networks linking other major urban areas. The government has encouraged migration into Gambella Region whilst investing both public funds and private donors money towards improving education services within primary schools located throughout villages scattered across this vast landmass Another project that the government recently launched was supporting individuals towards sustainable community forestry initiatives allowing locals to benefit from selling timber that could be managed responsibly whilst preserving wildlife habitats or fish farming resources found across this unique environment.


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