Harari Region

Flag of Harari Region

The Harari Region of Ethiopia is a beautiful and interesting destination. Located in Eastern Ethiopia, the region’s capital is Harar, a city that was once an important crossroads on the east African trading route. Although the region is small, it has a great amount of cultural and historical significance. Harari is unique because its population speaks an African language called Harari. It is also home to traditional Islamic architecture, as well as plenty of colorful markets full of fruits and delicious snacks. In addition to cultural attractions, this part of Ethiopia also offers plenty of stunning natural areas to explore. The Babille Elephant Sanctuary is located just outside the city limits and provides excellent opportunities for nature tourism. From hiking up Mount Hananula, which has been listed as one of the most spectacular hikes in Ethiopia, to riding camels around chai kiosks in the city center, visitors to Harari Region have options when looking to experience something new. Whether you want to discover ancient tombs or sit in typical Ethiopian coffeehouses and watch people go about their daily life, there are many experiences to be had here for those who seek them out. The residents of Harar regard visitors with respect and curiosity as part of their culture, known for its hospitality towards travelers. This makes it easy for outsiders to feel welcome in the area's environments and cultures from around the world. With plenty of things to do during any visit, making sure you take your time while in Harari Region so you can experience these wonderful attractions will ensure you have an amazing time!


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