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The purpose of Ethiocyclopedia is introducing the cultural, political, Science and development, Education, and tourism of Ethiopia to the world. Ethiopia is one of the most ancient countries in the world. Yet very little has been known from the wealth of cultural and religious heritages, unique traditional or homegrown knowledge, and so forth. In the eyes of many Ethiopia has been depicted only as poor and became a dictionary example of famine and starvation. The fact is this happened a few times in the country but this is not the whole picture of the country. There are a few places susceptible to drought but no one should deny the fact that Ethiopia is one of the richest countries in the Horn of Africa. What are its riches? What are its challenges? And what is the future of this beautiful country? Ethiocyclopedia is here for you to explore for yourself. As a factbook, Ethiocyclopedia gives you only the facts, and it is up to you to deduce conclusions from them. We encourage all the visitors of this page to point out any inaccuracies, additional information on the subjects, and comments for improvement. So, Let's dive into it!

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